Hydrochemical Classification and Quality Characterization of Surface Water for Irrigation Purposes in parts of Sirsa Watershed, Nalagarh Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India


Sirsa River is the main river that flows through the central part of the Nalagarh valley; belong to the rapid industrial belt of Baddi, Barotiwala and Nalagarh (BBN). Due to careless disposal of industrial effluents both treated and partially treated as well as untreated waste, municipal sewage and agricultural run-off along Sirsa watershed has limited self purification capacity to assimilate the pollution load. In the present study water quality was determined from the different tributaries and main stream of Sirsa River. Surface water of the study area was analyzed for irrigation purpose on the basis of Electrical Conductivity (EC), Sodium Adsorption Ratio (SAR), Residual Sodium Carbonate (RSC), Permeability Index (PI) and Percent Sodium (% Na+ ). The overall water quality in the study area was suitable for irrigation purposes during both seasons. Classification of hydrochemical facies of surface water revealed that majority of samples belong to the Ca2+-Mg2+-HCO3 – water types.


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