Methods to Improve Writing Skill in English of Students in Bihar

In India English is taught as one of the main subjects in higher secondary schools and it is necessary
that students get a good education in this subject. This investigation is based on different literary
sources, interviews with teachers and feedback from students and the background information is the
foundation for the interview questions and the questionnaire. Writing and speaking are two essential
basic skills of any language spoken in the world, including English. This article focuses on the
writing skill and its importance. It also deals with the problems faced by teachers in working on the
writing skill of the students in Bihar. Writing skill cannot be skilled by completing syllabus and
passing out the examination given at the end of the course. Ironically, the picture of syllabus is
vulnerable in a way that students cannot achieve excellence over writing skill, which has been a great
puzzle for researchers and critics since the beginning of language learning in education. Under such
circumstances the role of the teacher becomes crucial in utilizing the given period in improving the
language proficiency of the students.


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