Religious Ramifications in the Selected Poems of A. K. Ramanujan, Jayanta Mahapatra and Niranjan Mohanty

In human behavior religion provides ethics with emotionalism. It has a great impact on creative
art .When there is the question of righteousness in Art, no need of prophets to practice the
authority over human mind rather a proper realization leads to understand the purpose of life.
The fragrance of spirituality is not felt in outside but rather felt within the heart of the artist. It is
beyond cast, creed, community and ethnicity but to illuminate oneself, marking as a centre of
human ecology. Religion is a revelation where spirituality, culture and rootedness get identified.
There is a clear imprint of such inclination found in ancient literature. With the scientific and
intellectual advancement the dogma has become a creed outworn. The spirit of rationalism and
humanism form a complete sense of religion in literature as a whole. In poetry it also provides
joy in its essence to make a smile. When this joy is mingled with subtle spirituality, it is
transmitted into bliss.
A clear observation of such truth is felt in selected poems of three Indian poets writing in
English like A.K. Ramanujan, Jayanta Mohapatra and Niranjan Mohanty. In their poetry they
have projected the eastern religious concerns along with a kind of meditation in poetry.
In my proposal I would like to bring out the essence of their art in religious back ground giving
the reference to respective cultures and rootedness. My attempt will be to delineate the
spirituality ideology and the sweet beauty of their poetry. I shall also focus on religious
ramifications covertly controlling society, culture, economy and politics and bring to light how
those are at work to sabotage human destiny as projected in the poems of Ramanujan,
Mohapatra and Mohanty.


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