Web Based Computing Technologies: Present & Road Ahead

Abstract Computing technologies are very popular nowadays. Out of them Cloud computing is getting more attention by organizations. Cloud computing is an emerging technology of 21st Century. It is an advancement of its previous generation technologies like Cluster, Grid Computing etc. It has been cited as the fifth utility; here services are available on demand. […]

Clustering of text documents by implementation of K-means algorithms

Abstract: The document clustering has investigated for use in a number of different areas of text mining and information retrieval. Initially document clustering was investigated for improving the precision or recall in information retrieval systems as an efficient way of finding the nearest neighbours of a document. Clustering has proposed for use in browsing a […]

Multiagent Paradigm for Solving Distributed Problems

Abstract: An agent is a software and/or hardware entity with four special features which are: Reactive, Proactive, Autonomous and Social. A System in which Multiple agents when collaborate with each other to achieve some common goal or objective is called Multiagent System. If an agent along with four essential features has one more feature of […]

Application Layer DDOS Attack :A Big Threat

Abstract: Internet was intended with functionality and not Security in mind. For this reason, its architecture has some intrinsic weaknesses and bugs called vulnerability which results in successful origin of DDOS attacks. Over the time, researchers proposed many solutions to prevent the DDOS attack from different OSI layers, on the other hand none have seen […]


Abstract: Wireless networks support the real-time multimedia traffic such as data, video teleconferencing etc. To carry the multimedia traffic these networks must be able to provide quality-of-service (QoS) guarantees to the users. Various schemes have been proposed for QoS provisioning in the multimedia wireless networks. These schemes include call admission control and resource reservation schemes. […]

Optimizing physical layer parameters of Wireless Networks

Abstract: Wireless Networks have a great potential over wired networks and the foremost on the list is its mobility which almost frees us from the cabling culture. In addition tomobility, advantages like flexibility, affordable deployment, faster and easier access makes these networks most sought after. Though the advantages are countless but these networks pose different […]

Churn Prediction in Telecommunication Industry Using Decision Tree

Abstract: Telecommunication industry provides customers an opportunity to choose from various service providers. However, certain factors such as low switching costs and deregulation by the government have contributed to the risk of customers switching to competitors. Customer churn can therefore be defined as the switching of a customer from services of one provider to another. […]