Akhila’s Search for Identities in Ladies Coupe

Abstract: This paper tries to do an in-depth study of Akhila’s doings and thinking taking some of the beliefs of existentialists into account. They believe that human being is free to do whatever s/he pleases, but her/his freedom is controlled not only by the physical situation s/he lives in, but also by her/his own limitations. […]

The Lowland: Engaging History and Postcoloniality

Abstract: The Lowland marks a shift in Jhumpa Lahiri’s narrative art. While her previous novel and two anthologies of short stories builtd upon themes like immigrant experience, homelessness, rootlessness, and multiculturalism The Lowland engages contemporary history and colonial legacy in a serious manner. Jhumpa Lahiri infuses more of the Indian than her expatriate experience. She […]

Beyond the ‘Feminine’ and the ‘Feminist’: An Analysis of Chandrika Balan’s Short-storie

Abstract: Chandrika Balan (born 1954) is an award-winning writer from Kerala who writes in Malayalam as well as in English. Also known as Chandramati in the Malayalam literary circles, she is one of the leading women-writers of India in the post-1990 period. In the realm of contemporary Indian shortfiction, she holds a position of her […]

Folk Theatre in India: Role, Needs and Challenges

Abstract: Theatre is a medium which mirrors human life in its various facets. Today, it has been left behind in the pace of modernization with advancements in cinema. Moreover, theatre has always been a forum for so called intelligentsia or high class people. It is generally found that lower sections of society form actors rather […]

Methods to Improve Writing Skill in English of Students in Bihar

Abstract In India English is taught as one of the main subjects in higher secondary schools and it is necessary that students get a good education in this subject. This investigation is based on different literary sources, interviews with teachers and feedback from students and the background information is the foundation for the interview questions […]

Importance of Culture in Second Language Teaching and Learning

Abstract This present article tries to show the significance of cultural elements in language learning and teaching. It provides apparent impacts of cultural efficacy playing roles in language, thereby presenting practical life anecdotes from writer’s and others’ experiences. Further, the presenter exposes how cultural factors interplay in second language – where the present article illustrates […]

Religious Ramifications in the Selected Poems of A. K. Ramanujan, Jayanta Mahapatra and Niranjan Mohanty

Abstract: In human behavior religion provides ethics with emotionalism. It has a great impact on creative art .When there is the question of righteousness in Art, no need of prophets to practice the authority over human mind rather a proper realization leads to understand the purpose of life. The fragrance of spirituality is not felt […]

India and America: A Comparative Study of Mysticism

Abstract: Nature never expresses itself in its complete form. It has surprised every thinker, philosopher and even layman with its varying shades. In nutshell, one can say that Nature has concealed many secrets within its heart. Man like nature also conceals many hidden secrets. The term ‘mysticism,’ comes from the Greek μυω, meaning “to conceal.” […]