The purpose is to share and understand the tradition of literary reading of multilingual authors from around the world.

Name Designation
Ms. Sharda Bharti Co-ordinator


The purpose is to stimulate the creativity of budding writers by logically understanding and balancing the thoughts on page.

Name Designation
Dr. Anuradha Bhattacharya Co-ordinator


The purpose is to encourage students to understand the nuances of electronic and print media through practical experience.

Name Designation
Ms. Geetanjali Kalra Co-ordinator


The purpose is to visually enhances the creativity and intellect of cinema lovers by screening films from around the world.

Name Designation
Dr. Shalini Wadhwa Co-ordinator


A group of entrepreneurs that meet frequently in order to support each other and share their experiences.

Name Designation
Dr. Sangam Kapoor Chairperson


The purpose is to make the grl students aware of their power and strength to enable them to develop a voice.

Name Designation
Ms. Kirandeep Dhillon Co-ordinator

Government College Dramatic Club (GCDC)

Government College Dramatic Club has been working in the field of theatre since 2006. It is a ‘Student organisation for the students by the students’ where different teachers come forward to help out students to achieve their goals. The main objective of team is to inspire the students to participate in co-curricular activities. As theatre is a form which develops art of public speaking, a perfect body language, self-confidence, teamwork, management. As well as it helps to highlight and aware students and society about social evils and upcoming problems in a dramatic way. the achievements of GCDC are uncountable. It has been regularly dominating Youth Fest, Inter-Zonal, Inter-Universities and Inter-College competitions. Its various pass outs are now in Indian TV industry as well as running various professional theatre groups such as “Satvik Art Society”, “Alankaar”. In breif it has given a good start to students and helped them to explore themselves with taking along their academic performances. Every year auditions are done and students are enrolled in this team. Presently it is a team of about 26 members.

Name Designation
Dr. Rakesh Thakur Co-ordinator