Physical Education


The Department of Sports was established since 1953. In 1980, the subject of Elective Physical Education was introduced and the nomenclature of Department was changed to Department of Physical Education and Sports. In the year 2004, Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.Ed) - Four Year Teacher Education course (Innovative/Integrated) was introduced. The Department has commenced Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)- Two Year Teacher Education Programme in the year 2009 and both the courses are recognized by National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) - Jaipur and affiliated with Panjab University, Chandigarh. One more feather was added in year 2014 i.e. a Research Centre leading to Ph.D Degree in the subject of Physical Education was established which is approved by Panjab University, Chandigarh and Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) in Physical Education was introduced in 2015. After establishment of the research centre, the nomenclature of the department finally changed to “Department of Physical Education-Teacher Education Learning and Research”. The changes in the nomenclature of the department are a testimony for following the Motto of the College as a whole in the true spirit, i.e. “Higher and Still Higher”.

Aim of Teacher Education, Research and Sports Oriented Programmes:

To prepare quality teachers in Physical Education for Schools, Colleges and Universities level.

Quality Research in Physical Education & Allied Fields.

Distinction and promotion of mass participation in sports programmes, recreational activities and competitive sports/games.

Outcomes of the UG and PG Courses:

After completion of degree

Students become eligible for the post of physical education teacher in primary, middle, higher, Secondary and Senior Secondary Schools;

Teaching skills of the students gets refined through participatory and experiential teaching methods;

Students also become eligible for teaching physical education at Colleges and Universities;

Students under the guidance and supervision of teachers develops interest towards quality Research in Physical Education and Allied Fields;

Students equip with technical skills required to organize events such as competitive sports, recreational and mass activities;

Students develop the basic skill of first aid, physiotherapy, fitness, weight training, nutrition etc. specifically related to sports and related activities;

Learns the professional skills required for motivating students at school, college and universities for doing regular physical activity for the overall development of personality.


Name Qualification Designation Profile
Dr Mahender Singh M.Ped, M.Ed, Ph.D Associate Professor ---
Dr Ajit Singh M.Ped, M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor ---
Dr Sushil Kalta MA, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr Anshul Thapa M.Ped, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr Gaurav Dureja M.Ped, M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr Ashok Kumar MA, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr. Suman M.Ped, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr. Rasan Billing M.Ped, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr. Bhagwat Singh M.Ped, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr. Rajeshwari M.Ped, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---
Dr. Ramesh Singh M.Ped, M.Phil, Ph.D Assistant Professor (Contractual) ---

Courses Offered

Name of the Course Number of Seats Duration Mode of Admission
Bachelor of Physical Education 50 4 Years As per the Rules of Panjab University
Master of Physical Education 40 2 Years As per the Rules of Panjab University
M.Phil (Physical Education) 10 --- As per the Rules of Panjab University
Ph.D (Physical Education) Subject to availability of the supervisor --- As per the Rules of Panjab University